Mendo Mulcher: An Amazing Grinder

If you are fond of herbs and tobacco grinding, you probably must have heard about herbs grinders being sold in the market. And these best weed grinders come in variety of brands, quality and performance. If you are looking forward for a grinder that is built to be strong and durable at its affordable price, Mendo Mulcher is what you are looking for.

Mendo Mulcher is heavier compare to other grinder. Though it is heavier, grinding herbs using this is easier because it has an extra grip. What makes this grinder unique is that it has another piece that is screwed inside the other piece of the grinder. While it looks and sounds good, this actually weakens the overall performance of the grinder. The buildup of grounded herbs and tobacco usually starts at the edge of the grinder especially during frequent usage. The buds pile up will eventual frustrates you every time you grind something. You need to use your hand where the buildup is so as to loosen or tighten the grip but doing this will make your work dirty. On the second piece, you need to screw it over and over because it tends to unscrew itself due to friction made every time you are grinding.

Nevertheless, Mendo Mulcher was made with a durable and sturdy design. Also, it has many teeth that is sharp that makes cutting easier and these teeth won’t break off by themselves because it is made of an aluminum that is high in quality. Other problem it present is the metal to metal contact that frequently occurs every time you are grinding and this happen due to the fact that Mendo Mulcher has no O-ring. You need to purchase and extra piece to help keep the performance smooth and prevent any metal to metal contact when you are grinding. The extra area is an advantage that gives you extra room to grind extra herbs and weeds. Other thing, the screen in Mendo Mulcher is set in the aluminum. This makes the grinder high in quality because you won’t find glue in there or any screw –it’s a good thing. But the disadvantage is that the screen has pores that come in a larger size. With this size of screen pores, you better not expect a fine product of your tobacco.

For those whose prefers to see blunts and joint, using this grinder would be great but for those who wants the finest finish, you better think twice of using this grinder. Nonetheless, if you run out of budget, Mendo mulcher is still a good alternatives, as long as you won’t expect too much.